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AETAS has built a strong network of established associates in ASEAN, USA and European Union regions. This strong network gives AETAS the unparalleled ability to provide its clients with world class intellectual property services with a local price tag.

By partnering with a technology licensing company, our experts have the legal training which enables us to offer expert advice on commercialization, licensing, franchising and technology transfer agreements. If any of the intellectual property rights of our clients are being threatened, our skilled litigation team acts incisively to protect our clients’ interests.

AETAS has the vision and ability to help our clients to achieve innovative success through intellectual property and commercialization services. This in-line with Aetas’s commitment to the client, which is "innovation to reality…"

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Value Proposition

Full Turn Key Solutions
AETAS Intellectual Property has a diverse portfolio of services that the client needs to bring an idea to commercialization.

Cost Effective and Efficient
AETAS provides the most practical and cost effective consultation and service; giving the client an efficient path to commercialization with the best cost.

Commitment to Long Term Relationship
AETAS team members effectively build and maintain strong, long-term relationships with our clients by approaching every challenge, large or small, with a high level of sophistication, innovation, passion and creativity.