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AETAS has considerable experience in advising clients on negotiating agreements relating to IP. Further to that, we also assist in preparing and reviewing IP agreements.

Licensing agreement is an agreement to formalize a technology contractually. A license involves an owner of an IP (a licensor) granting rights to another (a licensee) to enable both parties to legally exploit and use the IP. It is advisable to have a written agreement to point out the scope of the license granted.

Licensing is a two-way process and can offer mutual benefits to be enjoyed by both the licensee and licensor from financial, marketing and strategic perspective. A successful -licensing agreement may act as a means for the formation of a long-term strategic partnership between both parties (licensor and Licensee).

AETAS has expertise in preparing license agreements in a wide range of industries. We could also advice clients on typical license clauses in a licensing agreement. If you have any queries relating to your licensing agreements, please feel free to contact us.


Assignments are established when exclusive a right by an owner (assignor) of an IP is assigned to a recipient or assignee. The assignee acquires all the rights which are previously belonged to the assignor. Assignments may rise during the outright purchase of an IP or as part of the acquisition of a whole company. Assignments of an IP should also be formalized by way of a written agreement. An assignment could also be use in a company at an internal level, whereby the assignment could be part of an employment contract in order to confirm an employer’s ownership rights under common law. If you have any queries relating to your licensing agreements, please feel free to contact us.
AETAS have our experience in preparing assignment a wide range of industries. Our fees is based on Project-Based on a case-by-case basis, however if there is a discrete piece of work then we could provide you with a relatively estimated fees in advance.


AETAS provides assistance in drafting a wide range of agreements for the protection of IP rights. The agreements which we endow with includes: Non-disclosure agreements; Research and development agreements, Technology transfer agreements, Product development agreements, Franchise agreements, Manufacturing agreements, Joint venture agreements, Out-sourcing agreements.


IP assets valuation is a complex and highly specialized area, so experts should be engaged in IP valuation. An IP is considered as intangible asset from a strategic point of view, and the significance of its valuation is increasing day by day. An exact valuation of IPs also enables its fullest commercial exploitation, which is vital to the existence and growth of an organization.

An IP valuation is also a step that allows an IP owner to rationalize an IP portfolio, especially if there are several pieces of intellectual property being maintained which is not aligned with the current and/or future commercial direction of the business.

Due diligence is a process through which a buyer ( licensee or an assignee) seeks to identify or collects information on a company (business) and assets of a seller ( licensor or assignor) in order to allow a reasonable estimate of viability and profitability of a transaction made. Due diligence is an investigative exercise to check for the existence and quality of assets which are the subject of the commercial transaction.


Aetas provides advice concerning implementation of appropriate corporate strategies for Intellectual Property management including property audits, protection strategies and competitor monitoring. Our IP portfolio management services are tailored to meet individual needs of our client and to ensure that the value of their intellectual property is properly protected. Our IP management services include organizing a registration of IP and renewal IP on our client’s behalf. Further to that, we also provide regular portfolio updates with our portfolio status reports. These reports can be tailored to suit your particular requirements and can be provided to you upon demand, or at a standard time.


A patent map is a view of the entire patent analysis results that enables to comprehend the intricate and varied information with ease and efficacy. The advantage of patent mapping in an organization enables the organization to rapidly determine and attain target patents, patent cross-licensing targets, and prospective competitive risks that may not be possible through conventional methods. Patent mapping requires diverse skills that include expertise in a relevant technology field and also a deep understanding of the profound scientific invention protected by patents. We could assist to execute a well guided patent map relating to our clients industry.


Creating a brand for a product of a company and also promoting the brand to the world by conducting various public relations and marketing exercises. Each brand development exercise is unique and has to be tailor made based on technology, industry and target audience. AETAS can assist its client to build a brand portfolio.


AETAS also extends its service to its clients by providing business management consultation in a form of targeted market research, business plan writing, financial planning for product development and assistance in applying government grants.