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AETAS offer professional patent drafting service for diverse sectors and covers a wide range of technologies for drafting a patent specification. Aetas’s technology backgrounds include Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Devices, and Pharmaceuticals.


Patents provide a vast resource of technical information which can be searched for a variety of reasons; which include infringement (Freedom-to- Operate) search, patentability search, subject matter search, keywords search, patent watching search.

Infringement search is conducted when an identified patent or patent application which may cover a proposed product or process. An infringement search is perhaps the most difficult type of search to conduct. The methodology associated with infringement searching is fundamentally different from other searches, as the focus of the search is primarily on the claims. The costs associated with infringement searches vary considerably. We therefore prefer to provide estimates on a case by case basis (without obligation or charge) in advance of searching.

A patentability search or novelty search is conducted for the purpose to identify technological art which may affect the patentability of an invention. This kind of searches covers patents and non-patent literature. Furthermore, we do recommend to our clients to conduct a patentability search first before writing a patent specification.

Our patent department could advise you on appropriate search strategies in Malaysia and overseas. Our patent team consists of highly qualified professionals in related technology background which could assist you by advising on the types of searches to be conducted. Our search reports will give you an analysis of the findings and options for resolving any potential conflicts. We offer competitive rates to conduct a patent search and we could also provide you with an estimate cost.

Aetas assist its clients in filing a patent/utility innovation application in Malaysia either through Paris Convention or the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) route. If you are using the Paris convention, you have up to one year after filing an application in Malaysia to file in other countries. However in Taiwan and Thailand provides an exception where an application must be made before the invention is published. In August 2006, Malaysia became a member of the PCT. This treaty allows filing a single international application in one language and the PCT is not an international granting system. PCT is a multilateral treaty for coordination of filing, searching and examination of patent applications.

For further inquiries regarding which appropriate route to take for filing your application, please contact us and we could provide our best assistance to you. If you are considering filing patent applications in overseas countries, it is important to discuss the options with us within the first year to develop a suitable strategy.

We are also happy to accept PCT National Phase entry applications from foreign associates. We offer very competitive rates for the prosecution of National Phase applications up to grant.

We would also like to advice our clients if they wish to file applications in overseas countries, it may be necessary to execute a Power of Attorney appointing a local Patent agent to act on your behalf, to sign a declaration claiming inventor-ship.


Aetas provides affordable rates for patent renewals and we track critical dates. This service ensures the maintenance of your intellectual property rights for the longest period as permitted.


Aetas has partners which would able to provide our clients with an interface between technology and law.